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2/5 Potter St, Waterloo, NSW, Australia, 2017
Contact Person: David

Phone: 02 96900714

Open 24 Hours, seven days.
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Red Room DVD is an interactive, entertaining and revolutionary DVD rental concept taking Australia by storm.

Browse our entire range of DVDs at easy to use touchscreen stations : sort DVDs by genre / title / actor / popularity, read reviews, watch and listen to previews before you rent ... no more aimless prowling of miles of DVD cases! When you have found the movie you want to watch, press "Rent Now" and the DVD will be dispensed out of the DVD vending machine.

Stores are open 24/7 and have the cheapest rates around : New Releases just $2.95 if returned within 6 hours. Membership works on a prepaid basis, with rental charges deducted from your account balance once DVDs are returned (like a prepaid mobile). Even non-members can rent movies by simply swiping a credit card.